About Mauritius

Where is Mauritius?

  • Mauritius is a small nation situated in the Indian Ocean, approximately 1,491 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, and lies to the east of Madagascar. It is one of the most beautiful islands on the earth. The island of volcanic origin, Mauritius covers an area of 720 square miles.

What is the capital of Mauritius?

  • Port Louis is the capital and largest city of Mauritius. It was established in1736 by France. The city has an area of 16.5 square miles and is the country's main port.
  • The financial center of Mauritius, Port Louis is located on the northwest coast of the island. The population of the city is 147,688. Plaine Verte, Chinatown, Ward IV, Vallee Pitot, and Tranquebar are the major localities.

What are the administrative divisions of Mauritius?

  • Mauritius is divided into nine districts. They are: Black River, Flacq, Grand Port, Moka, Plaines Wilhems, Port Louis, Pamplemousses, Riviere du Rempart and Savanne. Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius.

How many islands comprise Mauritius?

  • Mauritius is an island country consisting of two main islands: Mauritius and Rodrigues. There are some smaller islands off the coast of Mauritius as well. The country is part of the Mascarene archipelago that came into being seven million years ago as a result of volcanic activity.

What is the population of Mauritius?

  • Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa and the seventeenth densely populated country in the world. According to the census conducted in 2008, the estimated population of Mauritius is 1,288,000.

What currency is used in Mauritius?

  • The official currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee; it is denoted by the ISO 4217 code MUR. It is divided into 100 cents.


What is the official language of Mauritius?

  • English is the official language of the island nation. However, there are many vernacular languages spoken in the country; the principal languages are: Mauritian Creole, Rodriguan Creole and French. Mauritian Creole is the most widely spoken language, and is considered the native language of the nation; it is influenced by the French Creole.

When did Mauritius gain independence?

  • Mauritius gained independence from the rule of the United Kingdom on March 12, 1968. On the same date in 1992, it was declared a Republic.

What is the national symbol of Mauritius?

  • Dodo, a unique bird species found on the island in the seventeenth century, is the symbol of Mauritius.

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