A 5% fee will be applicable when payment is processed through POS terminal

We can make arrangement to transfer you luggage to your agreed location at an additional charge.

The entire process of delivering a car takes about ten minutes. After submitting all the required documents, you will have to pay by cash or credit card via our wireless POS terminal. Finally, we will inspect the condition of the car in your presence and, if there are scratches or bumps, this will be noted on the rental contact.

On the last day, you need to bring the car directly at the departure drop off where our team will be waiting for you on the agreed time.

Our team will be waiting for you with your name tag in the arrival hall near the exit gate 6 or 5. Then you will have to follow him towards the car which he will proceed with the rental agreement. For hotel delivery, our team will be waiting for you at the reception. In case you cannot find our driver, call our office on +23059211477

Driving License and Driver’s Passport

Yes, we make delivery around the island. You simply need to send us your location.

When you will be delivered the car, our team will fill and provide you with a rental agreement which it includes all the information regarding the car details and conditions. In this document you will have to sign in before taking the car and on the end date, you will have to show our team this document for collection of the car.

We rent our car with a minimum of 2 bars or ¼ which you should return back in the same position.

Normally we have only unleaded petrol or diesel in Mauritius. Depending on the car, our team will inform you at the delivery.

Yes, you can pay by Euro or Mauritian Rupees

All our car rental deals have a minimum of 7 days

Yes, Please select option while booking the car which costs €5 per day.

While booking the car, make sure that you request the amenities so that our team can include them in the car while delivery.

All our deals are based on a 24 hour basis.

Please contact our team on +23059211477 or simply email us on info@cathcar.com which we will reply you as soon as possible.

You should have either your international driving license or nation one which is also valid in Mauritius.


Yes, We take a deposit at delivery which varies from €625 - €1250 depending on the category of cars.

All our cars are rented with unlimited mileage.

In case if you met an accident and you are found guilty, then there is an amount of 625€ which you have to pay. However it also implies for scratches in the car.

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